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Benefits of Using Promotional Vehicles...


Extends your advertising campaigns to channels that many brands don’t utilize. It allows you to reach customers in a new way.

1. Creates New Experiences From the moment a customer enters your custom vehicle, they enter an immersive experience they weren’t expecting. This form of mobile marketing allows you to surround visitors with your products, services and brand.

It won’t be easy for anyone that visits to forget what they experienced.

2. Boosts Brand AwarenessYou can’t simply hand out samples or give a demo and expect people to remember your brand. It’s time to expose your audience to your company in a new way. Adding interactive video content, music, games and food to your promotional vehicle can keep things interesting while promoting your brand.

As a perk, those who visit and have a good time are sure to share it with others on social media.

3. Educates CustomersMobile marketing isn’t just about promotion. It’s also good for education. Show up where your customers will be and prepare to teach. Employ the top experts in your field to run engaging demos and answer your audience’s questions.

With a better user experience, your customers are sure to retain more of what you teach them. Make it fun and they won’t even realize they are learning something.

4. Engaging TrainingA promotional vehicle isn’t just good for customers; it’s perfect for a training exercise. Take your distributor, dealer or employee training on the road. This type of mobile training gives you access to a fun environment where everything is at your fingertips.

Create a buzz among your workers and distributors when you show up with your high-tech promotional vehicle.

5. Create Space AnywhereGet in front of your customers on the road and engage with them in an exciting environment. Whether it’s outside your headquarters or away at a trade show, you can make your presence known.


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