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Right now we find ourselves scrambling to find fabricators to work on the jobs that are laying stale.

Right now is when experienced fabricators worth their weight in gold.

It's getting harder and harder to find skilled passionate fabricators nowadays.

The ones are left are getting older and th e re doesn't seem many following in their footsteps.

In today's world of aftermarket parts it seems easier to just make do with prefabricated pieces kids don't seem to be interested in the slow artesan ways to perfection.

Slowly Hot Rods and custom cars will become a thing of the past available to a selected few.

If we're going to keep this industry alive I believe if you can whip an English wheel in to shape and make it spit out a perfectly formed piece of sheet metal, then I think it’s imperative you get a kid excited and help spark a little interest in them.

Passing on the tradition of fabrication is the only thing that will keep them around.

Car enthusiasts aren’t born, they’re taught.


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