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DIRECTOR PRODUCER & MAKER OF DREAMS..... Natasha Monique Bentley

When it came to producing JG3 Customs Hot Lap of Hope, only one person stood out of the pack, and after reading her bio it's not hard to see why she took over the reigns.

Natasha Bentley (Ferré) has worked in many areas of the TV and film industry for the past 20 years. She is always passionately striving to reach a quality rarely seen in TV, creating content that not only entertains but lights up the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. In 2004 to 2010, Natasha co created the award winning 'Ballistyx Snowboard Show' and also worked as the TV host and Producer. Making 52 episodes of the show, it screened both nationally & internationally, attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Natasha and her production company (Big Jump Productions) received industry awards & accolades and was the 'first free to air' Snowboarding TV show of its kind in the world. After six seasons of success with the TV show and travelling the globe filming, Natasha's chose to continue her career but in different path and create TV that not only entertained but inspired and even healed audiences. A passion that she continues to work on today in her roles as director, content creator and producer. This new way forward has lead her to many exciting opportunities and TV more projects.

Since 2010, Natasha has worked on dozens of titles, creating and collaborating with experts, celebrities, production house and TV networks both here and in the USA, Canada, India and Vietnam. Also with her wealth of knowledge and experience, Natasha consults, is a keynote speaker and a media adviser on content creation and development for TV, Web and OTT networks for industry professionals and enthusiast. Most recently Natasha has been working with HTV Vietnam, one of the largest TV networks in Asia, on content creation and development. Natasha has a deep love for creating and producing quality films, television shows and web content. Now, this soulful business woman and her new company, 3 sides media and productions, deliver this high quality and heartfelt content in Australia and abroad.

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