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7 Retro Liveries for the Porsche

Seeing a racing livery on someone’s personal car is the automotive equivalent of showing up to your favourite sports game outfitted in your idols uniform . It feels like you’re playing dress up (especially because everyone knows you won’t be hitting 300km/hr or hitting kicking any goals that day).

Well, that’s normally what we would say.

But in anticipation of the release of Porsche’s second generation 935, the marque has unveiled seven custom liveries which where made available to customers of the 77 limited-edition cars.

And you know what?

They’re so damn cool we’re considering copying them onto our not so luxurious race machines.

The colours and schemes all drawn from the brand’s extensive racing history.

The actual design of the car is a full-bore racing machine, so why not incorporate it into the paint, too?

So even though regular people could pick one up, I guess the liveries are more acceptable in this instance.

Just beware that these are more than pretty faces. When you pull up to your meets , you’ll be carrying the weight of iconic drivers and teams on your back.


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