J was born into a family of couture leather Artesans & designers in Ubrique Spain.
From an early age J had a hands on approach to life, a very technically minded individual and a dreamer.

A dream and that Andalusian passion fuelled J all those years to blend that artisan historical flair for creativity and fashion into a completely different area, custom cars.

Working from his garage at home J began to mix his artisan and fashion skills into all his custom car modifications.


His  name soon became synonymous with quality and creativity and the phrase JG3 MAGIC was born.

It didn't take long to outgrow the small garage and moved to a larger workshop in the backstreets of Epping in Melbourne with little money no fancy equipment and a dream.

J's philosophy was simple, innovate and push the boundaries of personalisation towards realising the customers dream vehicle.

Today Jg3 customs offers a large range of products and services. Including a high end Fashion vehicle Styling division for those clients that demand the ultimate in style, performance and comfort from their vehicles with an In-House creative team and designers focusing on originality before convention to create timeless classics. 

The internets had given J the opportunity to show his work on a global scale and in return has been blessed to have met many celebrities and influential friends along the way who love his passion and creations.

J's passion to help others has led him to become an advocate bringing awareness to Domestic Violence and a  Zero tolerance to Bullying with a Feature documentary been filmed and a other projects for Television been produced using the builds and celebrity friends star power to bring awareness to the cause where ever possible.

His campaign  "Mate that's not acceptable behaviour , say No To Domestic Violence" is all about Prevention.

He's a Dreamer and Designer but most importantly he's a Doer, the first steps towards realising your dream vehicle.