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Why Do Tough Girls Have To Look Tough? Rally Racing Champ Inessa Tushkanova is one tuff chic..


If you judge a girl purely by her appearance, my friend your in for a shock...

Meet our girl and good friend rally racing "QUEEN" as we call her Inessa Tushkanova easy on the eyes and a passion for fast cars.

Inessa was born in the Ukraine in '87, but she's since moved to Moscow for better opportunities in racing and build a very sucessful modeling career that helps her fund her passion for racing and attract sponsors.

Initially, it didn't go well missing her start time for her first rally when she overslept and turned up with her T-shirt back to front and her co-driver still in her pyjamas, even her father was sceptical when she started out, feeling rallying was not for women.

But Inessa was determined and moved to Moscow because she felt there were better opportunities to progress her rally career in Russia.

In 2013, starting her first year in the Finnish Rally Championship, which is two steps down from the major leagues of the World Rally Championship.

She's got a few victories to her name, taken in local Russian rallies in 2011

But she's determined and dreams of been a world rally champion, a goal we know she can achieve...

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