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The day has finally arrived Day 1 of filming "The hot lap of hope"

and what a day it has been, we met Director of photography Cameron Zayec.

It was interesting to say the least the amount of time care and creativity that goes into shooting that perfect shoot.

Director /producer Natasha came out the blocks rearing to go, practising her lines to perfection to capture our audience.

As with all film making the best laid plans often take a spin and after several attempts it was my turn to be interviewed for the cameras.

Let me tell you one thing, your mind thinks it but your mouth just forgets to say it so after endless takes we finally got it in the can.

With the rains settling in, we decided not to bring the 69 Bedford truck back to the shop so we filmed on site.

Nothing would prepare us for what happened next.

After a little more acting it was time to jump inside the cabin and pretend to try kick her over, last time it was turned on was 5 or 6 years ago so I knew it wouldn't just start.

Then the impossible happened after a couple of pretend shots it felt like it wanted to start so like a man possessed and all acting out the window it was all systems go to try get her starting. I found myself furiously pumping the accelerator pedal to let petrol into those carbbies and talking to her like she understood.

With a thundering roar she started up and a cloud of smoke surrounded the 69 Bedford and inside the cabin as she came to life you couldn't have scripted it better if you wanted..

and that was just DAY 1 Wait till day 2...

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