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Great friends we meet on the net like Pzero designer Antonio Gallo

The internet is great for many things and you get to meet many people but few have I met on the net that I can truly call brothers.

Antonio has been one of them, forget who and what this man has achieved in his life, its always been about been there for me supporting and just been a great friend a humble man and a great inspiration to me.

Honoured to call him my brother..

About Antonio...

1991: SMH / Swatch under the guidance of Franco Bosisio, assuming the responsibility of the Collectors Club. January 1996: Romeo Gigli, as Press Officer and External Relations. October 1997: I open an agency in Milan, Antonio Gallo Image & Communication, with which I realize high-impact media operations: the transfer of Beautiful Beautiful casting to Italy for the production of some episodes. During the milanese shows then the launch of the Fisico sea-going clothing line and the launch of the Entropy movie, co-produced by Robert De Niro, with the U2. Then a foreign group: the clothing lines Samsonite Blacklabel, coll. Travel Wear and Women's Wear & amp; Accessories. Great success also for the Milanese fashion designer Giuliana Cella. The targeted press office will generate applause for the stylist by the Italian and international press that the unquestionable queen of the etno-chic queen. In 2000 2 important acquisitions.

Casa Damiani, where he cares for the launch of the campaign with Brad Pitt and Francesca Neri for the Damiani and Salvini brands. And then two of Italy's leading suits: Annabella and Simonetta Ravizza by Annabella for corporate and product image. 2002 Pirelli P Zero Project. Pirelli invests in the fashion market with its line of clothing and accessories. They choose me for communication and press office. The most important media devote to P Zero services before the institutional advertising campaign starts. Pirelli becomes a point of reference in the Italian fashion system. 2003 Pirelli-Telecom invests in a major sponsorship campaign in sports events: the Italy project. Antonio Gallo Comunications takes care of the Vip Village at the Rome International Tennis Championships and other institutional and public appointments of the group. January 2004 Telecom Italia reorganizes the advertising function and entrusts me with supervising events, special initiatives and advertising campaigns. Specialties: In September 2004, Pirelli appointed Antonio Gallo as responsible for the Pirelli P Zero design of industrial design. The expansion of the PZERO brand is so strong that it offers Bocconi University the opportunity to invite it in February 2010 to hold a lesson titled "The PZERO Case" for MASTER International students in Fashion Experience & Design Management

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